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  • 4brands Reply
    4brands Reply provides consumer products companies comprehensive consulting services for business process design according to the ECR principle and software implementation solutions that assist their customers in achieving sustainable company objectives. To do this, 4brands Reply follows the proven concept of integrating software components provided by technology leaders such as SAP, Accenture CAS or Microsoft into customer-specific solutions.
  • Arlanis Reply
    Arlanis Reply is a certified Premier Consulting Partner that provides national and international clients with consulting, engineering and development in, and Mobile Projects. Arlanis Reply has a number of complex and ready to use solutions for the extension of the sales and services cloud as well as connectors for quick and easy data integration and migration.
  • Cluster Reply
    Cluster Reply is part of the Italian Reply-Group and has specialized in Microsoft-Technologies and –applications. As “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner” Cluster Reply helps its customers since 1996, to take advantage of Microsoft’s cutting edge technology. Cluster Reply is leading on Microsoft Business Intelligence, CRM, Collaboration and Mobility.
  • InEssence Reply
    In InEssence Reply provides companies of upper middle size and big size Services around SAP Cloud-solutions such as Consulting, Process optimization, Integration and Business Process Outsourcing as well as providing those organizations with the respective SAP Cloud Technology and/or additional developments based on the SAP-Cloud platforms. Due to the strong Reply Network, this can be offered in pure Cloud environments as well as in Hybrid-scenarios and especially in addition to existing infrastructures or connected to SAP on-premise-solutions.
  • Live Reply
    Live Reply, dedicated to the Telecommunication and Media markets, is a highly innovative company with focus in consulting, system integration and managed services in the field of business support systems, operation support systems, service oriented architecture and value added services. It helps Telecommunications and Media companies to satisfy the demand for a new generation of services that take full advantage of media convergence trends and innovations from Consumer Electronics such as User experience innovations.
  • Macros Reply
    Macros Reply is a specialist in browser based information and document management as well as archive and mailbox filing solutions especially for banks and insurance companies. The company focuses on efficient caseload processing with innovative solutions. Based on this, the customers of macros Reply receive solutions for operational processing that can be implemented across the whole company. The result is satisfied customers and efficient processes.
  • Power Reply
    Power Reply is the Reply Group Company specialized in the Energy & Utilities industry. Power Reply’ goal is to support customer businesses throughout their process of optimizing IT investments by offering innovative solutions and services oriented towards improving the process efficiency. Power Reply is the ideal partner for value chain management, process consulting, system integration and application management.
  • Riverland Reply
    Headquarted in Munich, Riverland Reply is the market leader in technical Oracle solutions. Riverland Reply, specializing in Customer Relationship management (CRM), partner relation management (PRM), Integration and Business Intelligence (BI).
  • Syskoplan Reply
    "Passion for IT": This has been the driving force behind Syskoplan Reply for the past 25 years. The Syskoplan Reply business units develop and implement innovative IT solutions based on adaptable and agile SAP platforms extended with customer-specific components. The benefits for the customers of Syskoplan Reply are evident: They receive high performance, flexible and efficient IT. These solutions tailored specifically to the needs of the customer enable them to stand out in the market thereby creating sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Triplesense Reply
    Triplesense Reply is specialized in digital full-service solutions. Triplesense Reply designs experiences at digital touch points for your German and international customers. The user experience is always in focus. This applies to classic, online projects such as websites and portals as well as mobile solutions, e-commerce, individual applications or social media projects.
  • Twice Reply
    Twice Reply provides media companies with consulting services for the entire value chain: from the development of digital strategies and the creative generation of ideas up to the technical implementation. Twice Reply stands therefore out through a unique combination of consulting expertise, creativity and technological implementation skills. As the bridge between the functional departments and the IT departments, Twice Reply offers optimal support for change and innovation projects in media companies.
  • Xpress Reply
    Xpress Reply specialises in supporting customer-oriented processes in the B2C environment. Xpress Reply supports retail and order companies in the implementation of integrated software solutions for multi-channel businesses.
  • Xuccess Reply
    Xuccess Reply GmbH assists large renowned companies in finding solutions for complex technical and professional issues in the field of „bank management and reporting". The company has been growing quickly since 2001 and became a part of the syskoplan Group at the beginning of 2007.