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Headquarted in Munich, Riverland  Reply is  the market leader in technical Oracle solutions. Riverland Reply, specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Partner Relation Management (PRM), Integration and Business Intelligence (BI).

Key enterprises owe their market success and the loyalty of your customers to the CRM systems implemented by the Riverland Reply experts.

The crucial competitive advantage has been realised by us working with you, on your internal processes and strategies to develop  an efficient customer orientation .

Our Riverland  Reply team is made up of qualified, specialized specialists and masters who work with our customers to help you realize your ideas. The projects accomplished by Riverland Reply stand for commitment, efficiency and customer orientation. 

Oracle CRM on Demand

Best Practice

Oracle CRM On Demand is one of the leading CRM solutions on the market. Despite the extensive scope of services and the technically sophisticated architecture, the deployment process presents user companies with significant challenges. This is where Riverland Sync comes in.

Oracle Siebel CRM

Best Practice

With the quick, easy and effective Riverland Reply search solution for Oracle Siebel CRM, users have information from their CRM system at their fingertips at any time. Modern Search for Oracle Siebel offers the benefit of modern search functions with which users of Internet search engines are familiar.

Volkswagen Corporation

Success Story

The Volkswagen Corporation with headquarters in Wolfsburg is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world and the largest automobile producer in Europe. The fleet management business is integrated into complex processes - and strengthened with Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle BI and BI Publisher International.