Financial Services

Financial service institutions are facing a great number of challenges to be tackled at the same time. They have to establish relationships to their customers based on trust. Furthermore, they have to keep their product portfolios up to date, they have to deal with topics such as reporting and risk management and they have to handle information available on the company as a reliable foundation for decisions to be taken.

We support you facing these challenges. We focus on the following areas in this field:

  • Customer Relationship Management,
  • Implementing innovative marketing and contract management solutions,
  • Business Intelligence services and solutions,
  • Reporting, Accounting system and management,
  • Risk management,
  • Credit risk control,
  • Equity optimization,
  • Document management,
  • Facility management,
  • Implementing modern IT environments while utilizing legacy systems to protect investments,
  • Development and implementation of service-oriented architectures

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Volkswagen FS

Success Case

syskoplan supported the client to replace the customer facing process to provide full visibility of customer data.


Success Case

Basler Versicherungen are preparing for future challenges by adopting a new business model and a comprehensive reorganisation of their company.

Deutsche Börse

Success Case

Implementation of marketing campaign management and stock exchange-specific business partner structures at German stock exchange.