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Xpress Reply expands portfolio in multi-channel commerce

Gutersloh, July 16, 2012

Partnership concluded with the software provider hybris

Xpress Reply, expert for customer-centric processes in retail trade, is expanding its portfolio in multi-channel commerce. The company has access to the expertise in the European-wide acting Reply network. Xpress Reply also works together with hybris, a leading provider of software for multi-channel commerce and communication. The objective is to help retail companies in Germany be proficient in multi-channel commerce and to accompany them along the path to becoming an omni-channel supplier.

The boom in social networks and mobile end devices means retail companies are facing a variety of challenges. “Today more than ever it is important to sharpen the comprehensive view of the end customer and to provide data in all channels, in real time. As a link between a more flexible outside world and stable back-end systems, system integration plays a special role”, said Susanne Zander, Managing Director at Xpress Reply.

That’s why Xpress Reply decided to build up its portfolio in multi-channel commerce. The company can access the broad expertise in the European-wide Reply network. The company has also concluded a partnership with the technology provider hybris.

With this partnership, Reply confirms its commitment to the modern topic of multi-channel commerce and to the partner hybris, with which Reply already works closely in Italy and Great Britain. The partnership in Germany is a systematic step in expanding the successful partnership. hybris is a leading provider of software for multi-channel commerce and communication. Together with the trade-specific process experiences of Xpress Reply, the “Enterprise” segment will also receive special attention.

“Customer requirements mean that trade companies have to support increasingly agile processes. Activities are no longer performed sequentially in the various channels. The simultaneous use of channels - omni-channel - is now the new trend”, explained Dr Bernd Büker, Managing Director at Xpress Reply.

In this regard, the retailer must offer the customer services, such as an app for navigation within the store, detailed information and additional services for products that can be called up at any time and any place. This requires that customer activities and purchases are recorded synchronously, in real-time, in all channels.

Xpress Reply helps retail companies in Germany be proficient in multi-channel commerce and accompanies them along the path to omni-channel supplier.

With Portaltech Reply, so far the only hybris partner with Platinum Elite Status, the Reply network has a high degree of expertise in the successful implementation of high-volume commerce solutions with a high degree of availability on the basis of hybris. Xpress Reply will now continue this in the German-speaking market.

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About Xpress Reply

Xpress Reply is a leading supplier of multi-channel and CRM implementation and consulting services for retail customers and the end customer market in Germany with subsidiaries in Munich, Dusseldorf, Gutersloh, London and Milan. Xpress Reply customers profit from innovative and reliable solutions, the consultants’ sound knowledge of the industry and their cooperative partnership with Reply. Xpress Reply has proven expertise in the design and implementation of high-volume multi-channel solutions in the B2C and B2B fields and uses standard software from leading manufacturers as well as internally developed solutions. Along with experience in e-commerce, the strengths of Xpress Reply in particular are the integration of back-end processes. The integration into the Reply network of the European-wide IT service provider Reply provides Xpress Reply with access to the knowledge of over 3,400 IT experts. In 2011 the Reply Group had a turnover of over 440 million euros in its main subsidiaries in Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. For further information, visit

About hybris

hybris is one of the leading providers of innovative software in end-to-end multichannel commerce built on a central platform and including both managed and also hosting services. The focus for hybris is on the coordinated provision of consistent and personalized information using all channels, and in all phases of the customer lifecycle. This clear vision can be found in the development of an integrated, agile solution, which enables companies to communicate and sell both end-to-end and effectively using all channels - online and offline. The company has more than 14 branches in the economic centers of North and South America, Asia and Europe, and hybris has more than 380 customers worldwide. These customers include leading brands from the retail sector and manufacturing industries, such as: Bobcat, Clarks, Coca Cola Beverages, Conrad, Douglas, Grundfos, Hornbach, Iomega, Kaiser+Kraft, Levi´s, Lufthansa, Migros, Nespresso, Nikon, P&G, Rexel, Timberland and Toys´R´us. hybris is a “Preferred Business Partner” of the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bvh). For further information, visit