Digital Media

The definition of digital media usually refers to the digital coding of media contents like music and video. The whole management of these media is highly complex, ranging from the content production to content management and adaptation and storing. New ways to manage the fruition of the contents (e.g. iPad, MS Surface, Microsoft Kinect, WII pad), 3D contents and user-generated contents, are creating a big request to address this fast growing market. New solutions, new ways of managing data and new ways to interact with the user, are needed.

Reply Know-How

Reply is a strong and experienced partner to work with and offers solutions to your digital content needs. Working with media companies, TV and radio stations Reply has got a strong and valuable experience in digital media and covers all media needs like managing photo and video digital archives, managing localized data and recording and searching video/audio content.

Reply can offer end to end solutions, being able to work for the conceptualization of an idea to its realization and maintenance of the whole life cycle management.

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VAS - Value Added Services

Service Offering

Information and communication technology is becoming smarter; smaller and faster; and, at the same time, society is progressively becoming more densely connected. As a result, Internet supported services are entering a new phase of mass deployment which brings on a huge number of new opportunities.

VAS Mobile Applications

Business Case

Reply can offer a factory approach to application development needs: more than 1.000 mobile applications developed, idea generation from concept through to development, aggressive time to market, competitive solutions using a nearshore approach, experience on all major platforms and stores.

VAS Enablers

Business Case

Reply has been working on E2E Telco & Media solutions for 10 years. Uses cases vary from high complex device management solutions to IPTV MAM applications. Reply can offer a structured and complete approach to complex system design and implementation.