Facility Management

As a market-leading ERP system for the upper range of medium-sized companies as well as large companies, SAP offers flexible standard software with RE-FX and PM/CS for the management of business processes in property and facility management. Supplemented by the integration of CAD data and complementary CAFM software modules, you can expand your existing SAP system into an encompassing, efficient and comprehensive CAFM solution.

SAP-CAD integration in CAFM

We implement innovative and economical CAFM solutions for our customers on the basis of SAP and iFMS. Core competencies are the integration of SAP with CAD as well as optimising business processes with CAD integration. To do so, we include specially-tuned consulting services as well as the SAP complementary system iFMS as the standard software in the realisation projects. Our customers profit from experienced staff and proven products.

iFMS: the graphic SAP® complementary system

iFMS improves the handling of SAP-based business processes in property and facility management. iFMS also enhances the functional scope of SAP with complementary CAFM software modules and the integration of CAD data. The CAFM solutions are based on SAP RE-FX and/or SAP PM/CS:

  • iFMS for SAP PM/CS enables SAP-CAD integration, data management for the technical space structures, area management and visualisation.
  • iFMS for SAP RE-FX enables SAP-CAD integration, data management for the architectural view and visualisation.
  • iFMS-Extensions enable comprehensive process integration and CAFM with SAP RE-FX and/or SAP PM/CS. Extensions are available for RE 80 CAD-Integration, CAD-Direktbearbeitung, assignment management and relocation management with PM/CS, graphic support for rentals and returns with RE-FX, inventory management, furnishing planning, graphic support for the service processes, key management, cleaning management and parking management.

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Best Practice

The graphic SAP complementary system iFMS optimises the processing of SAP-based business processes in infrastructure, technical and commercial facility management and expands SAP’s range of functions through supplementary iFMS software modules.

Vienna Airport

Success Case

Vienna International Airport implemented the syskoplan solution iFMS.

Munich RE

Succes Case

Munich Re has optimised order planning and stock documentation for move processing, space and area planning using both SAP ERP and the graphic and planning system iFMS.