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More and more frequently, company databases are suffering from data overload. Companies today face a number of different challenges for storing and working with documents on a company-wide level. The topics of archiving and digitisation are gaining in importance when it comes to document management.

The challenge

Highly qualified personnel are the company’s capital for the future. Professional and creative success is the product of an environment where there is fast and efficient access to knowledge, information and processes. There’s a reason why IT-based data and document management and archiving is becoming increasingly crucial. This results in improved efficiency, lower costs, and increased customer and employee satisfaction.

Our expertise

Reply develops products for company-wide work with documents, information, and processes. The Macros DMS Intranet solution makes documents and information available throughout the company – personalised, comprehensive, and organised. It integrates various applications and services within the same system and ensures that employees have access to the right information at the right time. Comprehensive research possibilities as well as integration options for electronic archives and inboxes significantly increase workplace efficiency. Reply’s solutions for document management make the entire document lifecycle more efficient.

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Success Case

Basler Versicherungen are preparing for future challenges by adopting a new business model and a comprehensive reorganisation of their company.

Münchener Verein

Success Case

The MÜNCHENER VEREIN insurance group coordinated closely with its departments to gradually introduce an electronic in-box and dossier system.

Real I.S.

Success Case

With the gradual implementation of Macros DMS Intranet, Real I.S. now has a Document Management System which structures and manages all internal and external documents and archives them in an audit-secure way.