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Enterprises are facing new challenges: after the economic crisis times are becoming even tougher. Focus on cost saving and on defining new revenue streams are becoming key differentiators and will provide unique attributes for every single company and market. A key topic that enterprises need to address to be competitive and become or remain a market leader is focus on mobile solutions both for internal usage or to use new communication channels towards customers and clients.

Reply can offer end to end solutions to support clients to define and implement the mobile enterprise:

  • Identify key areas to address
  • Define your key drivers to mobilize your enterprise
  • Develop mobile solutions
  • Integration with core systems (CRM, sales, web sites, …)

Reply’s mobile experience in developing solutions on iPad, iPhone, Android and others is the starting point for a complete offering to mobilize a company.

Samples of Reply focus areas are:

  • Improve sales experience to your customers
  • Manage mobile and social CRM on the move
  • Manage sale force and lead management
  • Define mobile TV and mobile internet solutions

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Value Added Services

Service Offering

Information and communication technology is becoming smarter; smaller and faster; and, at the same time, society is progressively becoming more densely connected. As a result, Internet supported services are entering a new phase of mass deployment which brings on a huge number of new opportunities.

Life Cycle Management

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Reply can offer resource support or complete managed services for mobile and fixed line services, strong competence on all ITL processes, key competences in testing, assurance, troubleshooting and validation of solutions and services Management of solutions in hosting centers or in public and / or private clouds.