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Multi – Tenant – SLAM: Service level & accounting manager with multi-tenant option

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SLAM – Service Level & Accounting Manager is the SAP add-on, a product of Syskoplan Reply, and serves as an automatic Mediation-, Pre-Charging and SAP-Posting Tool to simplify the internal accounting processes of a service provider, which uses SAP ERP software for its controlling and finance processes.

IT-Outsourcing & Service Management Solutions

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The efficient management of computer center services and costs require far more precise monitoring of resources than is encountered in many other industry sectors. Our products such as SLAM, NOAH and SPA provide the foundation for establishing a differentiated computer center strategy by integrating technical and business processes on the SAP ERP platform.

Syskoplan Reply Center Facility Management: Facility Management with iFMS and SAP

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Our customers benefit from excellent business processes with a high ROI and solutions that offer secure investments.

Presentation and marketing plan with iFMS and SAP

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iFMS is a graphical complementary system for SAP RE-FX and SAP PM/CS. iFMS optimizes the execution of SAP-based business processes in infrastructural, technical and commercial facility management and expands the range of functions of SAP through complementary iFMS software modules. Together, iFMS and SAP form a holistic CAFM with a high level of system integration. The “Presentation and Marketing Plan” module supports companies with the automatic creation of plans through the graphic display of CAD data in combination with key figures, diagrams and annotations.

Graphical variant planning with iFMS and SAP

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The graphic SAP complementary system iFMS optimises the processing of SAP-based business processes in infrastructure, technical and commercial facility management and expands SAP’s range of functions through supplementary iFMS software modules. The ’graphical variant planning’ module allows you to plan and execute area and occupancy optimisation, as well as workplace equipment and transfers.