Josef Mago

(Chairman) Born in 1962. Following his degree in Computer Science, Mr. Mago joined Bosch Telecom as a Systems Engineer and helped build the then emerging mobile GSM network in Germany. After two years, in 1991, he joined Accenture where, for the next 18 years, he offered consulting services mainly to companies in the telecommunications industry in Eastern Europe and Germany. His responsibilities extended to sales and delivery of major IT projects.
Since October 2009, Mr. Mago has been a member of the Board of Reply Deutschland, responsibly managing at the same time the sister companies of the Reply Group in Germany. His accomplishment in the last years has been the consistent orientation of the Reply Group in Germany towards a wider portfolio of consulting and IT services and an increased development of innovative and agile technologies.

Dott. Flavia Rebuffat

Born in 1959, is married and has long-standing management experience in the areas of system integration, outsourcing and application management. She steered several enterprises of the Reply group as an Executive Partner. Furthermore she was responsible as Client manager for several strategic customers of the Reply group, primarily in the area of financial services. Flavia Rebuffat joined Reply Group in June 2002 with the aim of having an entrepreneurial experience. She founded and managed Atlas Reply, a very successfull Reply company specialized in IT Application Management Outsourcing Services. She had run through different leading positions at debis IT Services Italia and T-Systems Italia before. Since January 2011 Dott. Flavia Rebuffat is member of the executive board of Reply Deutschland AG. As COO she is responsible for operations and as CFO for finances and personnel.



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