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The importance of customer relationships has taken on a more significant role for many companies in recent years. Besides the product, companies are focusing on customers to a greater and greater extent. In particular, the perception of customer relationships in their lifecycle has presented opportunities for better customer management.

Customer relations with IT

Many companies are faced with the question of how customer-oriented processes can successfully combine the customers' wishes with what the company can offer. Especially in companies with a large number of customers, the question of support via information technology is gaining in importance.

Customers expect more

More knowledge is gained on what customers need by analyzing their behavior. However, the relationship with customers goes beyond the products they purchase. Additional services, customer care, and the way complaints are handled must also meet customer expectations. At the same time, services performed in the context of customer management must meet strict cost requirements.

Experts for customer centric enterprise

We develop integrated software solutions geared to meeting the needs of customer-centric companies. These solutions make it possible to effectively and efficiently run a customer management system, including management and controlling tools. A large number of successfully completed projects provide impressive evidence of our competence in mapping complex service activities and effectively supporting both customer service and technical service.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud Management

SCM as a Service Social Media as a Service

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Success Case

HSE24 implemented with the help of cm4 and syskoplan a new platform for service and sales processes.

Deutsche Börse

Success Case

Implementation of marketing campaign management and stock exchange-specific business partner structures at German stock exchange.

Volkswagen FS

Success Case

syskoplan supported the client to replace the customer facing process to provide full visibility of customer data.