Regulatory & Compliance

It is not only since the global economic crisis that the banking system has been confronted with new regulatory, market-related and operative requirements. These demand increased corporate transparency and insight in order to estimate risks better in the future and secure long-term success.

We are focussing on the following areas:

  • answering strategic questions on bank control,
  • implementing supervisory reporting requirements based on SAP,
  • support in selecting standard applications for supervisory reporting,
  • implementing and integrating standard regulatory reporting products such as SAMBAplus, ABACUS/Da Vinci and BAIS,
  • optimising processes in regulatory reporting and risk management,
  • securing ongoing regulatory reporting operation.

Risk management and reporting

Risk management in the loan and insurance sector is becoming increasingly important. Equity capital requirements in the banking sector have been replaced by Basel II, an international risk-adjusted concept on solvency and risk management. The approach, which is based on the pillars of quantity, quality and disclosure, aims to reflect a realistic picture of a bank’s overall risk situation and thus improve trust in the interbank market and, not least, improve customer confidence.

Our specialist expertise covers the entire chain of qualifications necessary for (credit) risk management. This is based on detailed practical knowledge and experience in record keeping in banks proven by our consultants as part of numerous successful projects in the regulatory reporting. Our highly qualified experts have in depth mathematical and modelling knowledge on credit risk modelling. At the same time, our expertise covers specialist advice on questions regarding bank control, in particular credit risk management.

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Bank confidentiality

Press Coverage

The experts of Xuccess Reply explain the challenges banks are facing now due to new regulatory requirements and the steps they have to take (German only).

Risk Reporting

syskoplan and Xuccess Consulting help in development of SAP® BusinessObjects™ Enterprise Risk Reporting for Banking

Banks face critical challenges that amplify their risks in today’s dynamic marketplace.


Best Practice

The X-PRiMA tool (Xuccess-Portfolio Risk Management Application) allows credit institutes to generate meaningful risk indices to assess credit portfolios.